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So I'm a 21 year old male and past the past 2 and a half week I've I've had pain in my lower abdomen and very frequent bowel movements, I have been to the doctor and he said it was gastro but that was a week ago and it's still going,  also I have started to notice some blood in my stool (not much and not all the time) now from a week ago the pain has died down alittle and some days I feel fine but getting to the end of the day is when things start up again, I never really got anything worst then a cold so I when I saw the blood and its been going on for nearly 3 weeks now I'm starting to get a little scared, so much question is is this normal for gastro and how long should I wait before going to see the GP and and getting another option?

-thanks in advance
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blood in your stool is never normal. I would bypass your GP and go straight to seeing a GI specialist. They shoudl be running blood work and a stool test...AT LEAST
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