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H.Pylori & Family Members???

Can anyone throw any light on this for me as having just been diagnosed recently with Helicobacter Pylori infection & about to start treatment -  I am worried that other family members may also have this, but our new DR, insists not possible - as its not catching

I'm reading various things around the internet & it seems from that, that though not easily caught, it can be, also the way its caught, poor food hygiene etc, means it could well be something we have all picked up together, travelling etc etc - we all had a very bad experience in Cape Verde Ilse & also visiting my Brother is of concern as his hygeine standards at home are beyond shocking & we had to eat there - even though I scrubbed the place first, it just didn't even touch it - he also is symptomatic, with continuos heartburn as is my Mother, who after a bout of diareah & sickness & then went on to get ulcer diagnosis - started after he visited her??)

Most worrying is that my 8 yr old Daughter has had stomach problems for years - similar to my own & has been under the hospital, with no real joy, though we now manage it well & more recent years my Husband has reflux problems & frequent indigestion - though blames work stress & won't see Dr.

It concerns me that our Daughter, ,  in particular has been seeing the same Dr as myself for years, & that Dr has never tested me for H.Pylori - yet her maternity leave replacement now has tested me & its positive - but this new Dr now refuses to test our Daughter as "its not catching"

Does anyone have an knowledge on this - family members all been infected etc

Thank you
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I think that it is possible that you all caught H Pylori in the same place.  Therefore I think that anyone that is symptomatic should be tested and treated if they are positive.
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