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HYPERSALIVATION (at night and after drinking fluids)

What type of physician specializes in DISORDERS OF THE SALIVARY GLANDS.  After more than one year of hypersalivation and no positive changes (after seeing a GI and ENT),  I am exhausted - literally.    

I don't consider, taking medication, without finding the underlying cause of the problem, a solution.  

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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At first I thought Endocrinologist but they are PITUITARY GLANDS ... not sure on the salivary but will ask around for you on my thyroid board.

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I have this same problem, which started when I was under a lot of anxiety and now I have GERD.  I believe that a neurologist can also treat this - check it out and see.  I know that GERD can cause hypersalivation.  I have also read where low thyroid can as well.  Have you also checked into an oral surgeon?  Mine did go away the first time I had it on its own and then came back years later.  My thoughts and prayers are with you for a solution.  Let me know how you are doiing.

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