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Had a Roux en y/gastric bypass 3 months ago and now need total colectomy

In June 2014 I had a roux en y (gastric bypass) not for weight loss but for Barretts Esophagus/a lot of reflux.  During the surgery he also repaired a paraesophageal hernia and then had to switch from a laparoscopic procedure to an open surgery due to a large amount of adhesions all over my small intestines (which he removed the adhesions).  I then had a 10-day ileus and infection in my abdomen due to fluid that was in there.  I had an extremely hard time taking in liquids and food and after three weeks of receiving IV infusions outpatient and three inpatient admissions for IVs, the doctor realized I had a stricture and my esophagus opening at the stomach was the size of a pencil tip.  I had felt like I was dying from the lack of fluids/nutrition.  He then had to dilate the stricture two times, a week a part and now I can get in about 24-30 ounces of liquids a day.  During all this I have stayed extremely uncomfortable and have had a difficult time breathing. My bariatric doctor said I needed my colon removed so he called in a colorectal surgeon who did several tests, both of which I have had in the past and they determined my colon is tortuous and floppy and is basically not working any longer.  I have had two colon surgeris since 2009 and both times I have had to have part of the colon removed and also each time there was a lot of adhesions on the small intestine that were removed.  THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT I have already lost 45 pounds (weigh 130 now) and not in the best of shape since I still can't get much in me fluid/food-wise, and they want to remove my colon and gallbladder in three -four weeks.  I am scared because of the stress on my body right now and from what I have read from everyone it is a very painful and risky surgery.  HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THE GASTRIC BYPASS AND THEN A TOTAL COLECTOMY?  Can you tell me how your body handled it?  I am afraid I will lose too much weight and not be able to recover very well.  Please also let me know how it effected your quality of life.  Thank you for everything you can tell me!
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