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Heart pounding after eating

After(sometimes during) almost any meal my blood pressure will rise and my heart will start pounding and increase speed.

I've been to GI, cardio, and neurology. Our best guess so far is roemheld syndrome.

So far I've had hiatus hernia repair(laparoscopic nissan fundoplication) and my gallbladder removed.

Im in the hospital now possibly having the hiatus hernia repair reversed and a vagotomy in a few days.

I'd prefer not to have more surgery but not sure what other options there are.

Cardiologist said the heart was fine and this was sinus tachycardia being caused somehow.

I also have lots of gas, discomfort around the sternum, and what feels like my pulse in my stomach.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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So I didn't know anything really about that condition but in reading about it after you asked, it DOES sound like  Roemhelod - Syndrome.   https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Roemheld-Syndrom/show/1501652  That's a link to an older post on it where a doctor describes what it is and how to treat it. Antacids, antigas medications, anti-cholinergic drugs and anticonvulsants are used for treatment.  Did your doctors recommend these same things?
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I've been in the hospital now for almost a week and have been going through tons of testing. I've been taking anti-gas meds here and anti-acids at home, nothing seems to help.

Doctors are planning on surgery in a few days to loosen my hernia repair wrap to at least allow me to burp and relieve gas.

Odd thing, no doctors here, and I've seen many, have ever seen this before.
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