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Help extreme water retention GIs say everything is normal

my girlfriend has had an ongoing for the past year and a half or so. She has seen 3 separate GIs and none of them can fix the problem and say everything is normal and okay. But as soon as she eats or drinks anything (besides alcohol, hard or beer) she will start to retain water and a lot of it. She eats a normal meal within 30 minutes she put on 5-7 lbs. it doesn't matter what she eats it doesn't matter what she drinks it can even be water the problem still happens. She has had cat scans upper and lower endoscopy and x Rays and every doctor says its normal or that no more test can be done. The worst thing is water retention doesn't even go away quickly it just sits there somewhere in the lower abdomen.  And if she keeps eating it keeps getting worse to the point the water starts puffing up her legs and face. Someone please help.  She has tried betatnine Hcl various probiotics to no avail. She will be seeing her fourth gi beginning of February.  But I'm starting to think this might not even be a GI issue anymore
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