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I've posted this before, but maybe someone new will see this and have some insight.

I was diagnosed with celiac in 2001 and have been on a gluten free diet ever since. I also am dairy free.
Here is my problem, when i have a bowel movment it is almost never normal. It will either be very small, nugget sized, and hard. Or, if I go a day or more with no bm or those small hard bms then on the third or fourth day I will have a huge bm. It isnt diarrhea as its not watery, its just A LOT. its usually solid and formed properly, just that there is so much of it. ill usually be in the bathroom for close to hour and have to flush 2-4 times because ive filled up the bowl.
When this happens I will have an empty, discomfort in my gut (probably from eliminating more than a pound of stool in an hour). It will sometimes cause painful urination. I will that this is due to pressure either being put on the prostate or on the bladder from all the stool trapped and coming out for so long. I'm not concerned with any prostate or bladder issues as this only happens when i have these abnormally large bms.
I've had endoscopies, colonoscopy, cat scan, mri, ultrasound, etc. Ive had food allergy tests. Ive gone on every possible elimination diet I can think of. Ive tried miralax, ive tried fiber. Nothing will fix this.
Right now I dont eat gluten or dairy, and try to keep my diet low in fat, as I believe I have an issue digesting it. I take Digest gold enzymes, citrucel 1-2 a day, and take a 20 billion probiotic.
The other thing I should mention is that the day before one of these large bms I will have the smelliest gas imaginable. I call them 'death bombs' cuz they smell so bad. As soon as i spend the hour on the toilet eliminating all the waste, the death bombs stop.
I feel like if I could just have normal, every day bms that i would be better. I just have no idea what is causing my issue.
Miralax didnt help, just gave me the most terrible gas (even worse than my death bombs). I even tried prunes and prune juice, but nothin helped.
Ive been to countless doctors and none have been able to help. If anyone has any ideas, ANY. im all ears.
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