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Help with right side pain

I have had pain on my right side for 2 months.  The pain is just below my waist at my hip and maybe right about where my ovary would be.  Sometimes it is burning sensations and sometimes it is like a shooting sharper pain but not bad enough to double over, and most of the time it is achy and sore in the lower right from my groin up to the waist.  I did have an ectopic pregnancy and my right tube was removed in 1987.  On a pain scale it would be about a 6 most of the time. I had an abdominal CT scan in  February 2009 and everything showed normal.  Other tests I have had are a CT scan of abdomen in Jan 2004, sonogram of right lower abodomen in 2004, Colonoscopy 2004, Sonohyst in 2006.  All showed normal results.  I am still having pain and my lower right back is very sore also.  I also have sore spots on my right hip, in the middle of my right buttock and along my spine. Still have some burning sensations, some short sharp pains, and sometimes I have discomfort above the waist on the right.  I have no nausea or problems eating.  Occasionally I have some loose bowels and constipation maybe a couple times a week. Otherwise bowels movements seem to be normal every morning.   I have had these pains about every 2 years since 2003.  They last about 2 to 4 months then subside and no problems for about 1 ½ years. My primary doctor told me to go to a gastro doctor. What other tests could you recommend.  
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Thank for replying.  When I had the Sonohyst in 2006 the gyn doctor said I had 1 very small fibroid that would not cause the pain I was having.  Do fibroids grow outside the uterus and would they show on the CT scan.  I looked up some info on ct's and it said that they show most everything going on within the abdominal cavity except they don't show adhesions or scar tissue.  I was wondering if I have scar tissue since I had surgery for tubal pregnancy in 1987.  Would just like to find a doctor who listens and is committed to helping his patients find out what is wrong.  Those are hard to find.  All the doctors I have been to don't seem to want to pursue anything they just send you to another doctor.
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I can only speak from personal experience.  Back in August 2008, I had a sonogram done all over my lower abod0men...at the time they found Fybroids, which match your symptoms and the ones I was having.  Then I had another sonogram done, and along with fybroids they found gallstones.  The sore spots you are talking about and the pain shooting down the buttocks are genrally due to fybroids, BUT could be something totally different.  I would make another appt., and find out what is causing this.  If you already have but still keep feeling the pains...do what I did....2nd opinion.

Hope you get to feeling better.
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