It all started in November 2013 I had this horrible attack I was in so much pain right above my left rib cage and the pain radiated into my left arm pit, down my left arm and up in my left jaw and in between my shoulder blades I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer just because the pain subsided and I felt better when they gave me zantac in a IV. Then I went to my primary care physician where she tested blood in my stools because I did have bright red blood present which did not show blood on the slide. A couple of days later I had the pain again and this time, I'm rolling around in the floor, sweating, and screaming in pain I do not get nauseous but if I can vomit it takes the pain away for a few seconds so I help induce that. I also burp a lot during these pain attacks. I also burp a lot even when I don't eat and I can feel it come from the center at the top of my stomach between my ribs and to be honest it feels so good. My belly bloats out as well. I have had a scope ran down which only showed chronic inflammation of my stomach and a small ulcer which isn't bleeding or anything and they said that they didn't think that this is the cause of the problem. I have had a hida scan and was told it was normal, I have had a CT scan which did show an umbellical hernia and they said they didn't think that this was causing it either. I have a ultrasound which they said was normal as well. I have had blood tests on top of blood tests and everything comes out normal except once and my liver enzymes was a little low but back to normal now. I do stay constipated and have episodes where I have trouble peeing but mostly of the mornings and they said that it was due to my back problem. Now going on 9 months I am still having these painful attacks to where they are disabling, actually I compare this pain to labor and this pain has lasted as long as 3 hours to just a few minutes. I take prilosec and zantac everyday and now with these pain attacks it even feels like someone is squeezing the veins in my neck which is very painful. I sweat, shake, get chills but no fever, my heart rate usually goes up as well. I have been diagnosed from the ER with panic attacks lol, gallbladder attacks, or just stomach pain. That's the crazy part my stomach really doesn't hurt it's all on my left side like I'm having a heart attack and in my back and up above my rib on the left side or in between my ribs. Would you have any idea. These pain attacks are running my life.

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I was going to say Gallbladder from your description. I had these symptoms for months and was told I needed my Gallbladder removed. I had the operation and ALL IS GOOD. I was soo happy to be free of it and pain free.
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hernias can be very painful. They told you that you had one and what? did nothing about it? Maybe it needs to be fixed surgically? Since you say its on your left side, did the dr every say anything about your pancreas or spleen? Acute Pancreatitis can be very painful. Also if your stomach lining is really badly inflamed, you could be having Chronic Gastritis attacks, which are also painful. But it could all be your ulcers. What are you doing to help heal your stomach? Do they have you on any medications? What foods are you eating? I'd try not eating anything acidic, dairy, garlic, onions, or high in fat (greasy foods, peanut butter) and see if that helps at all.
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