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Hepatic Jejunostomy with Gastro Jejunostomy

My mother 59 years old had Hepatic Jejunostomy with Gastro Jejunostomy . Just wondering what kind of eating disorders can arise ? Any issues with food digestion ? She is loosing weight . Not sure if its because of this surgery or anything else. Any insight will he helpful.
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I had a bypass because I had SMAS which is when my huge artery crushes my Duoedeom and wouldn’t let food pass to my stomach and ever since then I have a cyclistic vomiting syndrome I weigh 97 pounds fully dressed and can never gain the weight I need back before the cycle of vomiting starts again.  I get this burning in my gut around my belly button and antacids and pepto helps the heartburn, but not the burning in the pit of my stomach around my belly button.  I am miserable and I will try anything to get some relief.
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Please I’m desperate for any suggestions I’ma 58 year old that weighs in the high 90’s fully dressed.
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