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Hi I really need advice on body odour and bad breath I’ve been having.

My friends have told me that a smell of sewer and baby poop comes off me. My hygiene is impeccable but after I shower within an hour my skin goes oily and the smell comes. I have spots on my chin and ear lobes and when the puss is squished out it smells of this horrible baby poop smell. I can smell it on my self when I wear a mask. It’s really effecting my self confidence and relationships.
I’ve also been told that my breath smells fishy, despite paying 4000 to have all my teeth done.
I’ve had a lot of stomach issues recently , been very constipated and had a pain in the left side of my stomach. Now I’m aware I’ve started to eat less and dropping wait.
I have been getting dry eyes and sinuses .. does this go with the symptoms?
Please anyone have any ideas ?
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Hi! Constipation can definitely affect both body odor and breath. But unless you can detect the odor coming off from your skin (or used clothes) most likely the source of the smell is your breath alone. That would explain why you can smell it in your mask and around your lower face.

When bad breath isn't caused by the mouth or throat (like tonsil stones), it can come from the stomach & if your bowels aren't eliminating fast enough, it can make your breath smell faecal. It can come from sinus issues like post nasal drip or stomach like GERD.

Begin taking soluble fiber supplement like Metamucil. Drink 2 litres of water everyday (this is = 4 bottles of water) or else it won't work. If you currently have an impaction/mass of old dry stool you may need to take a laxative first.
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you are not drinking enough water.  
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Take chewable Chlorophyll. Take it every day. Or even chlorophyll shakes. Try going off dairy and see if that helps. Your skin and bowels may improve.
You could use goats milk or coconut milk or oat milk instead.

If you don’t see a big improvement in a few months ago off gluten also. You may want to get some allergy testing done if you don’t see improvements after this.
Chlorophyll will help detox and clean that smell odor up.
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I don’t know why my post isn’t showing up from last week.  I can only see it under My Posts. But anyway I still feel that systemic inflammation is a big part of the problem. I also now believe that a sulphur rich diet is a big no no, especially with this issue. Leafy greens especially. The reason I say this is because a week ago I started to clean up my diet by drinking green juice. You would think it’s the answer right? But I noticed my entire room started to smell like a sewage. I could actually smell it and got up and sprayed the house with Lysol. Protein is another smelly food. Chicken does the same thing. But again chicken breast is supposed to be a healthy choice right. After consuming green juices for about 2-3 days I noticed when I use the bathroom it literally smelled like death. Another thing I noticed is that I was constipated despite drinking plenty of water. I saw on another forum about body odor/ bad breath where a member said a doctor told him that it is the lining of the stomach breaking . down. Which is the same thing as inflammation. I don’t believe there is a quick fix like a pill off Amazon. It’s all hype. Chlorophyll is found in greens. So question is . Is it the foods or just our bodies not breaking the food down properly. It is crazy that greens are a natural source of fiber yet they constipate me and makes me smell. But what I know is helping me is Metamucil. I take it at night after my last meal so it can push everything through. Start off the morning with a big glass of water. I believe this is a process not a quick fix. Now that I know greens and protein are my worst enemy right now I will cut it out of my diet for now. This is something I am just starting but bland foods are good because they have no smell to them. Overeating is a major no no. I feel better and my food digest better if I eat like a bird. So my plan is to 1. Bland diet 2. Take Metamucil at least twice a day 3. Eat small meals 4. Exercise 5. Hydrate 6. Sleep well. Another thing I noticed is taking long soaks helps with the odor using natural soaps. I try to soak at least 30 minutes to an hour in cool water. I have tried digestive enzymes. I believe they helped but they smell like death and I am afraid it will just make things worst.
Hello. I am dealing with the same issue. Has yours been resolved yet?
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