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How long after? :/

Ok so long story short i got a colonoscopy done at 6:45 this morning. I took a new type of bowel prep called Suprep. Its 2 16oz bottles and then after each bottle u have to drink another 32oz of water within the hour. My question now is how long after u are finished with it will it be out of your system. Its is now 3:30pm the day after i started it and 8 hours after my colonoscopy and im still having basically completely water diarhhea. So how long until this stops? Not to be gross but im adking because its not so much having it that bothers me but its really starting to hurt n burn when i go n wipe now :( so how long until this stops?? Please help! ANYONE! Haha
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I think everyone is different. My prep didn't work until the middle of the night which woke me up after pooping all over the sheets.

If it doesn't stop within a day or two, I'd call the doc back and let them know.

Keep drinking fluids though so you don't get dehydrated.
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Put vaseline on your bottom after each bowel movement to stop the irritation and burning and call your GI doctor.  Take care.
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Thanks so much for you answers (:
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