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How long does Omeprazole (10mg) take to work?

Hi everyone,
I have had severe pains in the centre of my chest, its like a burning sensation. During the first week it got worse because I was on no medication and avoided going to the doctors. I went yesterday morning because it was unbearable. I was prescribed with Omeprazole (10mg) to take once a day an hour before eating. I was wondering how long it takes to work? I had it yesterday, and it calmed down the pain for a while (took the tablet at around 7pm) and I went to sleep at around 11.30pm. I slept throughout the night with few sharp pains here and there but not as severe as they used to be. But then in the morning when I woke up it was very painful again. I know I've only taken it for a day but I was wondering how long it takes to work :)

Also does Ibuprofen work?

Thank you for the responses!
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