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I smell like weird/ like poop

Hi, Im a 16 year old male that has had a smell issue ever since I was 12. I also had a constipation problem, I was only able to poop once a week but recenty ive been able to go everyday. It started in high school when I noticed that I was unable to make any friends, especially after being one of the more popular kids in middle school. One day when I went to talk to my old friend he told me " I smelled like crap" and to go away. Ever since then ive been really conscious about it. Ive noticed that during freshman year it was bad. During sophmore year, it was worse in the beginning, everywhere I went people were like whats that smell, who farted, did you fart? During the second half of the year, i started becoming conscious and started taking a crap forcibly everyday, I smelled a little better during this period I believe, no one said "what's that smell?", people said you smell like curry(im indian) or you smell like good indian food. I noticed that when I wore a normal t shirt it would smell worse but when i wore a coat over my t shirt, no one commented on my smell during the period that I was excreting everyday. During junior year, no one really commented on my smell because I would always wear a coat no matter how hot, but sometimes I felt like people could smell it and was almost positive they could but they just wouldn't say anything. Also during junior year, I again started going once a week because I played video games professionally and was basically really popular and i felt wanted somwhere so I just stopped caring and whenever the feces wanted to come out I let it. In school, It was always a challenge because I would always wonder if i smelled. I would hate going too. People would try and hug me but I would never let them because I was too scared, some people are able to smell it and some people are not. I would make friends inside of school  but no one ever, ever invited me anywhere. I have now come to India for education, place smells like poop anyway but Ive been also able to excrete every day recently, the past month and half or so, had a week break in the middle where i ate some cheese that "clogged" me. Im not sure if i smell but i am almost a 100% I do, I feel like I hear my cousins talk about my smell and how I smell like poop, but im never sure, i just here something and feel like it automatically relates to me, smell and poop no matter what it is also in school, people want to be my friends but i push them away because I smell, also i feel like people talk behind my back and then in front of me they make jokes about my smell and how it smells like poop, but im never 100% sure, its ruining my life, ive thought about how much easier life would be dead, I always get mad at god, "why me" sort of thing. I cry almost every night. Its hard when you smell because its harder for people to be around you, its one of the worst things, I know "africa" has it tougher but smelling is seriously awful, its been ruining my life. I havent had a legitimate you smell bad comment for an year now though to my face but i always think people talk about the smell and am almost positive I do. Another thing, when Im hot, I feel like it gets worse. Thanks for helping, anyone.
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Look up Dr. Jennifer Daniels. I think the reason we smell like poop is because of what's living inside of us is pooping in us and probably making holes in our gut letting poop go through our blood. So we stink even if we shower 3 times a day. Stay strong my smelling brothers and sisters. The rain can't last forever. Oh and look into Apple Cider Vinegar, enemas and probiotics. I've had this for 2 years now and hitting it with everything I got now about to look more into Turpentine. Moma didn't raise a quiter :D knowledge is power
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Hey did any of those things help I’m at my breaking point. My smell feels as it got worst my husband has been very supportive but the lack of interaction with his family and friends is really getting to him. I know it is not his fault but i feel like isolating myself is the only way. I just want to be normal!
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Hi, Body odour or bromhidrosis, is an unpleasant smell that can occur when you sweat. It is produced by bacteria that break down the sweat into acids. Increased sweating can occur without any identified reason. It manifests during the normal daily hours and is despite the anxiety state of the person. It is usually an inherited condition and is related to the sympathetic system. If the nerves or brain receptors fail to work precisely, it may ask the brain to sweat due to wrong stimuli leading to hyperhidrosis.

Emotional factors, anxiety and stress are other causes. Obese suffer from excessive sweating since their sweat glands tend to work doubly hard to excrete the unwanted minerals from the body. Certain foods like hot and spicy foods can make him sweat more. Treatment options include anti cholinergic drugs like ditropan and probanthine. These can have side effects like dryness, blurry vision, dry mouth etc.  Hormonal disorders like hyperthyroidism needs to be checked. You need to consult a physician what I have put forth are speculations which need to be confirmed with clinical examination and investigations. Hope this helps. Do keep me posted.
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This is not body odor, its something else, don't u get it, do u even read or just go into conclusion because smell was mentioned?
Some people don't recognize Candida as a real thing surprisingly. But he is right about emotional factors making it worse because of the different chemical reactions emotions cause. I in my opinion really think the problem is in the gut and don't believe it's do to sweating. Sweat itself doesn't smell. Ppl smell when they sweat if the sweat is mixed with dirt and adding more toxins to this guys body isn't going to cure him of anything.
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