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I smelled of poo

Hello,  Today at the swimming pool after my swim, and while showering I smelled poo.  I sniffed about and decided that it was coming from the small room right next to the shower.   Later two other women came to shower and change and I asked them if they could smell the bad odour. They could.  It also seemed to be stronger than it had when I was showering.  On leaving the swim centre I told the receptionist who went to check. I went with her but there was hardly any smell then.   I drove to do some shopping and suddenly, on my left hand I smelled the smell again.  Thinking it was just a memory I let it go but when, some minutes later, I bought a book in a book store, it was really strong again. So much that I felt sure the people at the counter noticed.   I haven't smelled it since I've been at home  ( several hours now) but it scares me that it might be something exuding from me.  Can anyone identify with this?  If so, does it come and go like it seemed to with me?
If I have some kind of physical problem which is causing this..and it really IS coming from me, I want to find help asap as this is one of the worst situations that anyone can find themselves in !
Thank you.
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It's ok..we've found the solution.  I don't smell like poo.  Someone had poo-ed in the dressing rooms and not cleaned it up.  The lingering smell I had on myself was the particles caught in my nostrils.  Phew.  
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