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I'm having severe stomach pain and nausea but my dr's can't figure out why?

My stomach problems started when I was a teenager but we attributed it to the acne medication (doxycycline).  We just assumed it had caused stomach ulcers ulcers.  A few years later my stomach pains were so consistent that I decided to pursue to find what was wrong.  After an upper GI scope, gallbladder test, liver test, and ultrasound they found nothing wrong.  The only thing I tested positive for was SIBO.  I did treatment for it and saw no relief.  Finally, my GI said it was anxiety and prescribed me zoloft.  After being on zoloft for 5 years and symptoms not going away and becoming more severe I weaned myself of zoloft to see if it helped, which it didn't. In the meantime I've been on every heartburn and omeprazole out there. I started dexilant this summer and thought I saw brief relief, but to no avail it has quit helping my constant hunger like pains.  I've had another upper GI scope to test for celiac and it came back fine. Blood tests for thyroid and liver came back fine as well.  On top  of stomach pains that are in the middle of my stomach right at my ribs (sometimes on the left side) and at times can be debilitating, I have extreme fatigue and am lethargic. I'm not obese although I am at my all-time high of weight.  My knees and legs often ache as well.  Went to the OBGYN and had a pelvic ultrasound that came back normal. They don't think it's endometriosis.  I'm at a complete loss. I'm tired of never feeling 100% and sometimes not even able to move due to the pain.  I feel nauseous everyday and zofran doesn't provide much relief. You'd think I'd have lost weight from all of this!  I haven't been able to drink because anytime I have any amount (whether it's two sips) I feel and or get sick, ie: vomiting and dry heaving with sever stomach pain. After researching it seems that Lupus or Pancreatitis could be a possibility but I'm not even sure at this point. Help! Any ideas or suggestions to help me get my doctors from brushing this off and not being as aggressive as I think they should be?
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Go to an allergy specialist and get tested for food allergies. Just because you don't have celiac doesn't mean your not allergic to gluten. Or maybe its dairy, or soy, or a number of other things you eat on a regular basis.
Another suggestion is to get a comprehensive stool study done. This is where you make stool samples for 3 days and they analyze. This will tell you things like if you have a parasite, bacterial infection, or yeast overgrwoth.
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try Chinese herbal. find Chinese herbal specialist tel help ur problem hope he will help. all de best
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Actually, this was my exact thought. I almost called last week to schedule with an allergist but thought I'd wait till my GI apt in a week. I'm not sure wheat is the issue since I did gluten free for a month with no relief. I've wanted to go to one since I have severe year round allergies too and break out in hives randomly. Thanks for the suggestion!
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it may very well not be wheat, but you could be allergic to anything. I had a test done a couple years ago because I was constantly bloated and couldn't figure out why. I found out that I was allergic to rice, soy, and banana. Between those 3 things, I was pretty much consuming one of them every day. So you never know what you could be allergic to.
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Very true. I have some family members who are lactose intolerant and a few other miscellaneous food allergies.

Would inflammation show up in blood results or a scope?  I would think so if you're ingesting something causing reaction. All so interesting! Working on finding an allergist nearby and setting up an appointment.

Thanks again!
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I went to the GI yesterday and have my appointment with the allergist next week.  The GI ran a blood test to check levels in pancreas and is also having me schedule an appointment to take a test to check for gastroparesis. Interesting!
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