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Involuntary Gas Release

I've been suffering from this problem for a week now. It's kinda depressing seeing people around you simply covering their noses. Even my family. I think they are afraid to offend me but it's actually more offending than telling me I have a problem .

Anxiety makes it worse. Whenever my family is around, gas formation is actually really bad. I am tearing as I type this. It's depressing how those people who should be helping you seems to be disgusted to you.

I am a student so money is a big problem. I cannot consult a doctor, I do not have anyone to talk to.

They are expecting me to graduate this semester but I am losing hope. I've read people battling with the sme problem for 9 years. I salute you guys for enduring your battle.

Anyone found the best and fastest solution? Please.
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Try oregano oil, I have the issue too , it helps a lot .
Hi. Thank you for your response. I actually feel better now, knowing that there are people who understands me. Thank you so much!
Is it for rubbing? How many times a day? Can you recommend the brand and how you used it so I can do the same. I really hope it works on me.
Our problems is bacteria in our small instestines... I think ... so oregano kills the bacteria . Get pure oregano oil from amazon $10. Then get gel empty capsules from eBay $7. Before bed put 3 drops into capsules n drink with a full glass of water. After 5 days increase to 5 drops . It is strong so drink with plenty of water. The symptoms will almost disappear. Stop for a few weeks then use as needed as it’s like taking antibiotics.
Thanks a lot. Are you still experiencing this? For how long have you endured it?
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