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Issues with oily stool/or maybe mucous ?

Hello , a little background info on me 31 year old male .the last 8 months have been hell .I have had test after test and still no real answers .it started with a urinary frequency issue .I had a abdominal CT scan that showed nothing troubling .a cystoscopy that showed nothing .pelvic ultrasound , CBC test , blood work to check  diabetes etc. Basically said it was stress related or some benign thing .a couple months later I was diagnosed with gerd. Around this time I was having bowl issues .odd shaped stools, constipation, etc had a colonoscopy that was normal . Fast forward a few months I had this episode in June that lasted a couple of weeks .first I had a couple bulku pale stools , followed by some cramps and yellowish stool that hit me all of the sudden a few times a day . My doctors than ran a liver function panel , stool test for hpylori, celiac screening , etc .nothing abnormal .I started taking fiber and it seemed to make it go away .
Currently I'll notice a slight oil/film after bowel movements but it is hard to see at times . My stool is floating but I also am taking a daily fiber supplement which is likely the cause .I haven't experienced any weight loss or severe pain . My doctor suggested a possible lactose intolerance but i jsut don't seem to have the symptoms . Given all the tests I have should I push for more or have they done enough that I should no longer worry ? The stress is really killing me .they seem to not think anything about a pancreas issue .and with the CT scan I had done last November they really don't feel the need for more imaging .any advice would be great .
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