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Itching/Nausea/Tenderness in Stomach


This is an ongoing battle for me that has lasted from anywhere from 6 months to a year. It is just left of my navel and when I press down in that area it feels tender. It gives an itchy sensation internally in my stomach. Also, on some days It makes me feel more nauseated than others(Definitely am not pregnant/was tested at a clinic.) Sometimes depending on certain foods I eat or even after just eating I feel very bloated and I can only eat half of my meals before feeling full. As well when I eat or if something is moving through my stomach I can feel it, especially in that tender area near my navel. I also have two little blisters that formed in the are where the tenderness is near the navel when my stomach becomes very intolerable.  I have gotten blood work done and it came back normal and also gotten a CT scan done which also came back normal but only noticed a lot of gas was passing through my abdomen. I am just curious at what the possibilities could be?


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