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Knot feeling ache?

In the upper right quadrant of my side, juuust below my ribcage, I have a slight cramping tight pain??? Like a stretched elastic kind of thing..??? It was very bad but now it's practically not there.. It's like a dull ache and when it was bad, I could stand and jump and stuff and do everything but if I leaned over it would get tight and knot like and if I pressed on it it wouldn't hurt at all, and no rebound pain whatsoever, it feels like it could possibly be a muscle kinda ache... But, I'm unsure. Any ideas as to what it is? Mind you, I'm a hypochondriac, emet, and I'm 18, and female if that helps at all.. And I suffer from IBS and GAD
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Pulled muscle or gas would be my guess.
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Gas does sound like a likely suspect
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