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Low Ejection Fraction - No Symptoms - Surgery?

Several years ago I had a 6-8 month period of RUQ pain, extreme nausea, gas and diarrhea, etc. following fatty meals. CT scan and abdominal untrasound were normal. I have not experiences any significant symptoms for two years now, however my billirubin level has continued to be high. PCP sent me for a HIDA scan last week which revealed a gallbladder ejection fraction of 26%. Surgeon believes the gallblader should come out. Has anyone had a similar ejection fraction and no real symptoms? Should I proceed with the surgey? Can the symptoms I experienced several years ago return? Any input would be much appreciated.
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I'm not sure you'll like my suggestion, but there is a unfortunately high number of people with no stones - but only a slightly lowered ejection fraction - who end up with varying amounts of problems after GB surgery. If you look through these and other boards I think you'll see the types of problems that can crop up. However, the unfortunately thing is that even with an ultrasound and HIDA scan, it's difficult to say whether or not the GB is actually the problem.

You may want to inquire whether or not sludge was found when an ultrasound was done. You also might want to request an MRCP to see if there are any 'structural' changes going on that could account for the symptoms. Make sure you other liver and pancreatic enzymes are checked. And if you can possibly make changes to your diet by lowering your fat intake and change what is going on, you might want to consider that route before you decide on the surgery.
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CalGal is right that many will continue to experience problems after cholecystectomy, due to (mostly) other issues, but many more also do not experience issues.

I don't have RUQ pain I can notice, but I do get fatigue, irritability, gas, loose stools & steatorrhea problem from my gallbladder.  My HIDA EF is only 7% and it began 5 years ago when I was stressed out, and have since returned periodically. The symptoms only arise when stressed. My ultrasound and CT's were normal as well.  I can eat greasy and fatty food however I want with my gallbladder, no pain, just loose stool.

My surgeon "to be" told me MRCP will not be covered by insurance, and most people will return to him eventually... so I am seeking other opinions.
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I had the same problem for many months.  Fullness within eating 3 bites of food, gas, reflux, heartburn, bloating, severe right upper quadrant pain, ending up many times in the ER barely able to breath from the pain.  Finally my HIDA scan was at 8%.  They recommend removal under 35%.  No gall stones, just a non-functioning gall bladder.  Literally the MINUTE I woke up in the recovery room, I sat up, and instantly knew the entire nightmare was over.  The fullness and feeling like I had a rib stuck in my side was gone.  My only regret was that I didn't do it a lot sooner.  I can eat anything, no more pain, no more taking Nexium & the other enterage of meds I was on, no more nothing, just normal life again the way it is suppose to be.  I had mine out a Friday evening, and was out buying groceries Saturday afternoon, granteda little slower but I felt better than I'd felt in 7 months.  
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