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Mild Bilary Colic Diagnosis

My story starts 13 days ago with pain in right sternum and a burning under my breast?  I felt very achy and super bloated every time I ate. I couldnt really pass gas and felt like my system was backed up into my back?  I was still have bowel movements (every other day)  No Vomiting or Diarrhea?  

I ate a heavy meal 2 days before Thanksgiving and that was the last time the pain got out of control -  but not excruciating?  I went to Urgent Care after that meal because I got worried.  Everything checked out including an EKG.  The only test that was abnormal was my Liver blood test.  Doc said it was 10 points higher than the normal range and not of a huge concern?  I was told to take Nexium and follow up with my doctor?  

I cleaned up my diet and am feeling a lot better but still have an constant ache in my back on the right side behind rib?  It feels tender/bruised and sore and hurts sometimes if I eat too much or the wrong foods?  But again not terrible pain just noticeable?  My doctor did not order an UltraSound or HIDA scan when I visited her today?  I told her I was feeling much better since I changed my diet and I would continue to eat healthy.  I'm still concerned about the pain in my back but the doctor seems to think we can wait and see what happens?  Im a bit worried.  I still dont have any answers?
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