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Morning and after eating nausea

For the past two weeks, I have consistent morning and after eating nausea.  The nausea is worse in the morning when I first wake up especially while I am brushing my teeth.  It has gotten so bad I gag and regurgitate stomach acid during this process.  On some days, I may have a bowel movement but nothing major (sorry if that is too much information).  The only thing that makes me feel a little better is ginger ale and saltine crackers.  The nausea decreases during the day; however, after I eat it comes back but not as bad.  This past week I have been so nauseous :(.  I'm not sure it is my diet because I am a pretty healthy eater. I have reduced my refine and process sugar and food intake as well as meat excluding shrimp, salmon, and fish.  I am definitely not pregnant!  I have an appointment with my gastronologist to make sure my Ulcerative Colitis is not flaring.  I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2004 and have been in remission since 2005; furthermore, I have systematic lupus and Raynaud’s syndrome.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated...I want to be inform before I see my physician tomorrow.
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It's 2021 and I could have written the same story as you.   I'm lost for answers for nearly 3 years.  Hope you are better.  Thanks Mike
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