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Nausea For a month Now

I am generally healthy. But I've been out of work for the last 4 weeks because of persistent nausea that worsens when I have to go places. I also cant eat as much as I used to, and I noticed I have been burping a lot more than usual. Its not fun lol . The nausea is kind of like when you eat too much, and I don't notice it too much when I'm at home.  I had an upper endoscopy done and they found nothing. They want me to get an ultrasound of gallbladder and (liver?) but my other doctor thinks I should see if the sertraline I've been taking for nearly a month now will help.  Also, I had a similar episode three years ago, but it went away after 3 weeks. This started when I was coming home from work one day out of the blue.  I have been in and out of antidepressants since 15.  I think it might be functional abdominal syndrome, or maybe seasonal depression.  I really appreciate any help.
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Hey sorry you're suffering - I dealt with the same issues (and sadly still do today...for another reason.. *ulcer)


if they've done a upper endoscope then your doctor is actually on the right path.. they're looking for stones in your gallbladder.  If your diet has been pretty heavy on fats/oils and you've been feeling sick you could *possibly* have gallstones (which is why they want a ultrasound of that).

If negative the next step is usually a HIDA scan.. scans the functionality of the gallbladder.. if it's below a certain percentage they usually recommend surgery.

Some ideas you *COULD* try in the meantime...

eat super lean/low fat/no oils for 3 or 4 days... and note how you feel..nausea and all that..and then go out and eat a pizza/donuts whatever fatty oily foods and see if there's a difference..if so that could be gallbladder related...

nausea can also be caused by lack of motility.. so delayed emptying of the stomach.. so you could eat super easy to digest things like soup..shakes... something super simple and *sleep on your right side* at night if possible and see if that helps.. some people have a hard time with that and end up with nausea/gerd...usually I think a pill called reglan helps with that...above all don't eat before going to bed or else this can cause gerd and a whole ton of other issues...

and motility/nausea also applies to IBS-C (constipation) so honestly if your bathroom habits are not the same you might have issues there... buy some psyllium husk and drink more water and see if your nausea goes away....laxatives if you have to (used rarely..)

And lastly...food intolerance (my problem) - if I eat fructose/gluten, I get depressed/anxiety/stomach problems and severe nausea that.. caused me to lose my job.. growing up I could eat ANYTHING and then when I turned 28 out of the blue I lost the ability to handle both.. food intolerance block absorption so that can cause depression and anxiety and such...and really bad IBS issues.. so in your cause you could eat nothing but chicken and rice/veggies... and avoid wheat/gluten/dairy (the major offenders) and see if that helps.. I'm fructose intolerant so it wasn't until I ate nothing but eggs and spinach for 3 or 4 days is when I figured out my problem... also celiac's take months to feel better so.. there is a blood test you can try.

Anyway just some ideas - you could also ask your doctor to try a trial of reglan (helps nausea) and if can get someone to drive you to and from work you can take.. promethazine? I think it's a anti nausea med that will eliminate nausea... but makes you sleepy.

Just some things to try - good luck and keep fighting the fight.
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I can't thank you enough. I'm gonn try some of he stuff you recommended. Yea im starting to think its something like that because if it was just depression, I would not have the burping issue. I wish I would havegone sooner. I really appreciate it though. bee heel
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Yeah I researched gallstones but my symptoms are not really similar. Could this be all in my head?
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sorry slow response -

ehh.. no I don't think it's in your head, I had a few people tell me that (as I was debating going to the ER room with severe nausea)

I didn't have stones but they want to make sure you don't because if you do the gallbladder function test - they don't want to inject you with the chemical that causes your gallbladder to contract *IF* you have stones in there (that would be bad..)

still could be a food intolerance/allergy...does the nausea go away if you don't eat for a while?  fasting?  you could hit fiber supplements and ...'clean out' and see if there's a difference too... I dunno... lots of trial and error but no I don't think it's in your head..
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