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I've been having Nausea on an off for the last 4 months. Sometimes i also have bloating and indigestion. I haven 't thrown up or have diarrea, just loose stools some days. I have had blood tests, a barium swallow, ultrasounds, and an Endoscopy. Everything keeps coming up normal including H-pylori breath test and endoscopy biopsy.
The nausea seams to get worst a few days before my period and better a few days after it ends.
The nausea also seams to get worst after fried, greasy food.
Nausea is usually worst in the morning after i wake up amd improves by noon. I feel pretty normal by dinner time.
I dont have any pains. What could this be.
Antiacids didnt seam to help, i still got nausea while taking antiacids.
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Hi there,
From your symptoms it is possible that you are suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome. In irritable bowel syndrome there is crampy pain, gassiness, bloating, and changes in bowel habits. There is no organic cause found of this condition and has been linked to stress and conflict.IBS is diagnosed after excluding any serious organic disease. Allergic reactions to certain foods, gall bladder disease, celiac disease, peptic ulcer are few other differentials of your symptoms. Eat smaller meals. See a gastroenterologist. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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Thanks for your comment, it looks like it is IBS caused by an overgrowth of yeast in my digestive system. Now the question is how do i get rid of it. I'm on Flagyl right now for 7 days. So far it has made me feel pretty crapy and its giving me looser stool that i had before. I dont know of this is the right treatment, or is it making the yeast overgrowth worse.
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IBS should not cause nausea from what I gathered in the past 4 months. (Trust me, my past 4 months have been a rollercoaster to say the least)

You mentioned fried/greasy foods cause your nausea, that sounds like gastritis. I would recommend getting off ALL junkfood, greasy foods etc etc. I mean deep fried stuff, beef, high fat dairy etc.    I know it may be hard, but this will help a whole lot, at least until you figure out what's wrong.
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