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Need Advice.

My abdomen protrudes out so far and my belly sometimes feels heavy. I have done many exercise for my abdomen but nothing works, I'm even able to flex it and the abdominal will show, but when I relax it comes back out. I've been to doctors, but they said nothing was wrong with. I went through many scans, CT, MRI and Ultrasound  but could not find anything.

So, I went to a physical therapist. The therapist said my core was weak, since I had a hernia and appendicitis. So he gave me a few exercises/stretches. I tried out the exercises for a month and had NO effect.

Another person recommended me to get a colon cleanse. I tried atleast 4 different colon cleanses and nothing seemed to change.

I usually eat healthy. I'm not a big guy so this is really wierd for my stomach to come out so far and it's really effecting my personal life.

So please, give me some advice on what to do because I'm getting really frustrated.
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