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Nocturnal Stomach Pain

I am a 33 year old female with no known allergies or recent health problems/history. The past month and a half I have been waking up in the middle of the night, usually around 2 or 3 (go to bed around 11 pm) with stomach discomfort. It is hard to describe, it's not sharp not dull, in between. Basically, very uncomfortable. I thought it may be gas, so I didn't seek medical attention. But I realize it is something more now... It happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without fail.
I don't use drugs, drink wine on occasion, exercise three times per week minimum but do smoke about a pack a day. That's it. My diet is okay, not perfect but I don't eat fast food. I have good fiber, little meat intake and am not dehydrated. I have at times in the past had issues with constipation, but for the most part seems regular. The pain occurs at my lower left to central abdomen and when I roll on my right side, it is very painful and I have to roll back. The weirdest thing is it is only at night! No heartburn, no gas, nothing. Does anybody have an idea of what this could be? I am making an appointment to see a physician soon.
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Hello.  I started having major digestive and tummy trouble about years back. Pain in my side, gas, bloating, nausea, heart burn, just about everything, and i felt very tired and sluggish, brain fog, and just not myself.  I went to the dr and everything tested normal.  I was not convinced I was ok.  I put myself on a gluten free diet.." by the way, I was tested for gluten and it was negative" but after just days on the gf diet, i started to feel better.  I have been gf now since April, and I am  much much better than I was before.  Just a thought. Good luck to you.
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4 years back.  I was sick for 4 years and no doctor could figure it out. It was gluten sensitivity.
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Thanks you guys! I will give it a shot, I have nothing to loose, I suppose!
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