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Oily film in toilet after diarrhea and severe joint pain

Hi everyone,

As you may know I've been having digestive issues for the past three weeks, see my other post here if you haven't http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Gastroenterology/abdominal-bloating-lasting-for-a-week-please-help/show/1676477#post_7665625

Anyways, so my gastroenterologist calls me about a week ago and tells me he saw excess stool in my intestines from a 3 way abdominal x-ray he took and tells me I'm constipated, even though I'm going about two or three times a day and to take miralax to help clean me out. This does nothing. I stop taking it a couple of days ago and now I am getting explosive diarrhea about 20 minutes after I eat anything with really bad stomach cramping, but what I have also noticed is that there is an oily film on the toilet water over the chunks of stool that have sunk to the bottom ( the diarrhea is mostly watery with a few chunks). I also have severe joint pain in my hands specifically, so much that i can barely type. I'm waiting for my bloodwork for celiac to come back in addition to some vitamin deficiency tests. I also currently have a positive ANA antibody result on other bloodwork and have been feeling extremely fatigued and I have had a distended bloated abdomen for almost three weeks that has not decreased in size whatsoever. I am also currently dairy free. Any ideas?
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It could be some sort of fat intolerance.  Good, the HBT for SIBO is pretty easy so I should go fine for you.
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X-rays aren't very accurate at diagnosing constipation.  I don't think the oily film on the toliet water is anything to worry about.  Have you had your electrolytes checked?
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My electrolytes are fine. I'm only concerned because I haven't been eating grease and its still there. I'm also going for an HBT on the 28th to see if I have a small intestinal bacteria overgrowth thats causing my symptoms along with most likely IBS.
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