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Pancreas/Gallbladder Issue? Advice Needed

I am a 31 year old male, non smoker, non-drinker, normal weight.

I have been having digestive issues for the past 12 months, my symptoms include the following:
- Gas/bloating
- Floating Stool
- Occasional fat in stool
- Occasional clay/light colored stool
- Occasional but transient pain in the mid back just left of my spine
- Lack of energy

Initially my Gastro thought to explore gallbladder/pancreas. The ultrasound on my gallbladder came back completely normal. My Pancreatic Elastase has been tested 4 times, the results (and month of test) follow:
- 101 (9/14)
- 66   (1/15)
- 147 (2/15)
- 247 (6/15)
* normal elastase > 200

These low-normal results prompted my Gastro to order an abdominal MRI to explore further. There were no masses or abnormalities seen on the MRI except 'gallbladder sludge', which I was told to not worry about. On my own volition, I also had the CA19-9 test run which yielded a result of 9.0 U/ml (normal < 35 U/ml).

It is also worth noting that my CBC, which I have had run multiple times, always comes back very normal. The only abnormalities being a slightly high serum iron (179 ug/dl) and a slightly low WBC (3.4 - 4.0).

Nonetheless, all the same symptoms continue to plague me. My question is, could there be an issue with my pancreas/gallbladder that has gone unnoticed? If so, what tests should I have run and who should I seek to find a solution to my problems?  
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Would also like to add that I have tried elimination diets, currently do not eat gluten or dairy, and have tested negative for celiac disease.
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The symptoms you've listed do point to a bile flow issue. But that can be difficult to detect in subtle/mild impedence or functional processing. Have they done a HIDA scan yet? Also, a MRCP to accompany the standard MRI sequencing might provide some information. Just a couple of ideas.
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endoscopy and colonoscopy might not be a bad idea either.
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