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Pancreatic cyst

I have undergone a few tests concerning my pancreas.  I have had a sonogram and a CT which have identified a "large cystic mass (9.2 x 6.5 cm in its greatest dimensions) involving the head and proximal body of the pancreas possibilities would include a pancreatic pseudocyst or choledochal cyst."   I am scheduled for a MRCP and an ERCP to determine the next phase in treatment.  From the above analysis, could this be cancerous?  I have a family history of cancer (my father died from colon cancer).  My doctor asked me if I have lost any weight...I have not and have actually GAINED.  

And...do physicians normally remove mass' this large or just drain it?  
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I too had a mass on my pancreas, but it wasn't cystic and was involving the tail.  Mine was due to an autoimmune disease.  Have you had any symptoms like nausea, or pain?  One of the first signs of cancer is weight loss because your body can't digest calories correctly. I lost 45 pounds during my illness. The fact that you haven't is a good sign that it is just a cyst. Reaccuring pancreatitis can increase your chance of cancer. Did your doctor do a CA-19-9 test?
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They will most likely just drain it via upper endoscopy and rescan in a few months to see if it has refilled. They can also biopsy at that point to look for cancer. It is most likely a pseudocyst and, therefore, not a big deal. In fact, most people have them (usually on the tail) and don't know it. My pseudocyst was also on the head and, because of it's location, it was pushing on my bile ducts and even got my liver levels a bit whacked. It was certainly causing a lot of discomfort and a constipation type crampy feeling. Needless to say, I had it drained last October '08 for the second time, just had it rescanned last week and it has stayed shrunken down. Don't be too worried!! Take care.
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