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Pancreatic issues

I am a 52 yr old, very active and love being on the go kind of woman yet I keep getting sick with severe abdominal pain to the point where I can not even stand up right. I was diagnosed with a pancreatic mass in 2014, as well as a pancreatic divisum. I was being seen by Tulane surgeon who wanted to remove the mass by means of a whipple. After reviewing the whipple procedure, I began researching alternative treatments for pancreatic masses. CBD oil (cannabanoid ?sp) was given to me by a friend. He actually took a pound of marijuanna and followed the Rick Simpson site directions for making the CBD oil. I took 5cc over a month. The following month and my pre surgical exam revealed the tumor/mass was gone. No one knows why but they certainly deny it was the CBD oil. I don't agree but I am not a doctor. Here is the problem. The mass is gone and I have been so well that I was able to run and go up and down stairs completely pain free for about a year after the CBD oil. Now all of a sudden, I have severe excurating pain and my lipase and amylase was double the high norm, not tripled as a dx for pancreatitis. My cat scan showed my pancreas as being fine as well. The pain is not in my head. I am sick and I don't know what it is but can assure you that it is the pancreas that is hurting. It feels as though it is rotting insdie of me. My doc said he will not prescribe any pain pills and told me not to take tylenol or ibuprofen. Am I just suppose to be in pain? They claim I don't have pancreatitis because my levels are triple the high norm and my ct was fine. So what the heck is going on? Please please someone offer a suggestion. I am not a druggie and never have been and I do NOT drink not even a sip of alcohol as it would literally make me feel like I am going to die. I quit drinking years ago but still have to deal with this issue. Once again, anyone please, any advice. I want to live a productive life, if not, why be here taking up space and be a burden to others
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