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Please help. Can't find a doctor to correctly diagnose me

I went to the doctor after having some diarrhea for several days. They checked my anus and below it was a smaller hole that was there that appeared to be a fissure with a possible hemorrhoid. I went to a specialist and he had a different diagnosis of just a fissure and told me to keep the area clean and dry. I did and I kept checking it.

The only way for me to get an accurate check on it is to take photographs and review them. Well I recently took a new one and it appears the cut or tear has gotten larger. I'm worried. I went to a different doctor after I recently moved and he told me he was unsure and wanted me to see a specialist.

I'm worried that no doctor can give me a good solid answer. Am I able to post a pic and have a professional respond and maybe assist me?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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You can post pictures. Whether or not a professional will be able to assist, im not sure. I think most of the time the people on this site that respond or just other with similar problems that have already gone through it and are just more knowledgeable.
With that being said, what specialist have you gone to? Gastro? Proctologist?
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