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Polyps in my ileocecal valve

Had a colonoscopy and polyps were found in my ileocecal valve. The dr. Was only able to get 75% of it and I need to have surgery to remove the rest. Has anyone experienced this and did you end up losing the entire ileocecal valve?
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Had surgery yesterday, it was an hour and a half Long, recovery two hours. Doing ok, have pain meds, going home tomorrow 2-3 week recovery. Don’t know about the bathroom changes yet, stay tuned
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I just wanted to weigh in too.  I am glad you seem to have a good doctor.  The risk to benefit ratio always has to be applied. While there ARE risks of complications, the benefit of getting all the cells outweighs that.  Everyone  and every situation is unique so in this type of situation, you have to really hold on to faith that it will all work out in your favor!  
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I am grateful for finding the polyp now because it is the kind that turns to cancer. Also I do trust my doctors and will deal with any after effects.
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Had my appointment with the surgeon and am scheduled to have a hemicolectomy next week. I was surprised that a bowel resection had to be done to get rid of the polyp but it makes sense since the polyp has infiltrated the valve and the only guarantee to get it all is to remove the whole thing. I am concerned about losing my ileocecal valve and having chronic diarrhea and bacteria infections. My surgeon did mention that quite a few people don’t have long term problems. Thoughts?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thank you for your question.  We commend you for taking good care of your health and having that important coloscopy!  Is your surgery laparoscopic? I think your question is a difficult one because things are dependent on findings at the time of your surgery and would be unique for everyone.  I am sure they will try to avoid losing your entire ileocecal valve. I think this article is good for understanding this type of surgery. https://emed.icine.medscape.com/article/1892253-overview.  Work closely with your doctor also to understand what to expect.  When is your surgery scheduled for?
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Waiting to hear from the medical office about the surgery. I will post again soon.
Great.  Hope all is going to be fine and we'll wait to hear back from you.
I did receive the pathology results - tubular adenoma. Waiting for referral to surgeon to remove what the Dr. couldn’t get during the colonoscopy.
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