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Post ECRP Pancreatic Stent Migration

I had an ERCP with Sphincterotomy done two weeks ago for SOD Type 3. A temporary stent was placed in my pancreas to help ward off pancreatitis (which it did). I did have severe pain the next day which sent me to the ER, but they felt it was related to my liver possibly being inflamed from the procedure as my liver enzymes were elevated.

Today I went for an x-ray to check and see if the stent had passed (I was told to go at two weeks). The radiologist said it was in my pelvis, most probably in my distal bowel. He was going to send the report to my GI and also suggested calling him. I did, and left a message, but today was his last day at his hospital (Georgetown). I'm hoping he gets the report before he moves to his next hospital (Sibley).

My question is if I should be worried about the stent being in my bowel after two weeks? Is it on its way out, or more likely migrated and stuck at this point? I had severe pain on January first (requiring painkillers) but have been ok otherwise. Any advice folks have would be much appreciated ... especially because it's a Friday and now I'll have to wait until Monday to hear from my GI!
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If they found it in your bowel, it sounds like on it's way out. It was 'expelled' from the duct into the duodenum and it's making its way through your digestive tract. Double-check with your doc, but it sounds like the pain you had on Jan 1st may have been the expulsion process.  
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Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense and really puts my mind at ease. Do you know how long it might take to pass the stent? Thank you again!!
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