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Post Prolapse op problems

Hi there,
Im currently about 7 months post op after having a laprascopic ventral mesh rectopexy to repair a grade 4 bowel prolapse that had caused a lot of bleeding and obstruction. The surgery worked wonderfully and I no longer have the sensation of a persistant mass in my rectum.
However I have noted that the bleeding still continues - this is not due to any constipation which is managed by daily movicol and diet - and I have quite an excess of tissue around my anus.
My surgeon attempted to band the worst of the loose tissue but warned me I would have a little leftover.
My concern is that this excess is actually becoming worse and after a bowel movement it extrudes approx 1 inch outside of my body in a circular area as if my sphincter were not holding in the mucosal layer at all, and with one area of very large swelling covering almost all of the area from the back of my vagina to my anus and this can no longer be manually reinserted.
This tissue also bleeds and leaks a great deal of mucous that is often difficult to cope with and due to the fact that it is actually holding my sphincter open, my continence has worsened greatly.

Is this the normal result of a LVMR? Im uncertain if this is something that is to be expected after a bad prolapse or if there could be any possibility of dealing with this issue that wont require surgery? I have some small concerns also about the possibility of future infection or tissue death due to the external placement, bleeding and pressure from sitting.

Or is this simply a side effect I will have to live with?
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to your question.  You asked a very specific question so I don't have an answer for you.  I hope that someone who knows the answer to your question will come along and answer your question.  Good luck.
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