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Post cholecystectomy (june2021) still upper rt quadrant pain

I have pain in upper rt quadrant still (post cholecystectomy June 21). CT scan done last wk shows intrahepatic and extrahepatic biliary ducal dilation with common bile duct 11mm (3mm before cholecystectomy). I also feel like I’m 4 months pregnant Bc my stomach is so distended. I tried to get an appointment with GI but the scheduler said they didn’t have anything until February!! Is this something that can wait that long?( I mean obviously I’ll go to the ER should the pain get worse) but if I’ve grown almost use to the pain then can it wait until February?? I just don’t wanna be “that person”. Please someone guide ??
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First off - did you get the results of the CT scan, directly from the imaging facility?  That’s how I get mine and I often get them before my doctors do.     My imaging facility puts a note on the reports that I “may receive the report before my doctor does” and for that reason, I shouldn’t call immediately because the doctor needs time to review the report, etc.   I figure if I haven’t heard anything within 2 weeks of the test/scan, I can either figure that there’s nothing urgent about it or it slipped through the cracks and I should give the doctor a call.  

What I do when I can’t get into a doctor for months, is go ahead and take the first available appointment, then ask if they have a cancellation list.  If so, ask them to put you on it.   If they don’t, ask if it’s okay to call back periodically and ask if they’ve had any cancellations, then do so.  By doing this, you’ll have an appointment set up, but there’s a chance you can get in earlier AND you always know you have the option of going to urgent care or the ER if the pain becomes unbearable or if you feel like you’re in a medical emergency.

It’s doubtful that you will become “used to” pain if it’s really bad.   I, sometimes, ignore pain because I’ve been tested and nothing was found, but I don’t get used to it.
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