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Pyloric Narrowing in child

My youngest son is 17 months old now and we've been dealing with vomiting issues since he was about 3 weeks old. Originally they were certain it was Pyloric Stenosis. However, multiple ultrasounds and Upper GI's showed a "borderline" result and since they DO see his milk "trickle" through the Pylorus, they have decided against surgery for Pylroic Stenosis. At 7 months old we had an Endoscopy done after discovering that he could not tolerate baby food (puree). This showed a very tight and norrow Pylorus. The GI has since done 3 balloon dilations of the Pylorus. He is now able to tolerate thin purees (Eg: Apple Sauce) and milk without much vomiting. He can only eat a 1/2 cup at eat meal or else he is severely bloated, in pain, and vomits.  He spits up (GER) all day long still. We've consulted a surgeon and the surgeon is hesitant on moving forward with a Pyloroplasty (widening of the Pyloric Valve) because our son is technically healthy and gaining weight just fine. But, of course he is!...he is still getting all of his calories via puree food. My concern is how long can we expect him to eat a 100% puree diet? I feel that his quality of life is at stake here. His food has to be carefully prepared and rationed, even if he begs for more. I wish I could add a photo to show just how bloated his belly gets if he eats too much or if the puree is slightly too thick/heavy for him. He literally will look like a pregnant toddler. His belly gets huge and he will be so uncomfortable. I guess I have come here out of desperation for advice, experiences, and new ideas!

Just wondering, and I am no Doctor but I am in Nursing, a Pyloromyotomy (cut through the pyloric muscle when it is thick causing true pyloric stenosis) will separate the muscle fibers allowing the pylorus to relax and open up more easily to allow the passage of stomach contents. Even though his muscle measurment was "borderline" (4mm thick and 14mm long is the standard for Pyloric Stenosis, his was 3.3mm thick and 12.5mm long)...would a Pyloromyotomy not still work? If his muscle is "loosened" regardless of whether it is "too thick", wouldn't the Pylorus still be able to open up more easily!?  There are too many risks with the other procedure, the Pyloroplasty.
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