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Random Nausea and Vomiting Every Few Months

I have been having these episodes of nausea and vomiting every few months for the last few years. I thought it was dehydration at first, but now I don't think so. I think I may have some sort of condition or disorder? I really really do not think it is the stomach flu or something like that. I'll be scheduling an appointment to see my doctor soon, but I want to know if anyone has an idea what this could be or has heard of things similar. Thank you all so much.

Here is what an episode is like:
- I feel like I’m very hungry, even though I recently ate and drank. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and stays constant. It doesn't go away if I take sips of water and eat something.
- I recognize the feeling, and know that I’m having this weird “episode,” and that I’m going to eventually throw up. It is a very distinct feeling.
- I feel very nauseous.
- I vomit. It’s uncontrollable, and usually projectile. I can’t prevent it, it just happens. It’s not like typical vomiting. I don’t sit in front of a toilet and wait for it, it comes out forcefully and suddenly. I also don’t feel shakey when vomiting like I usually do when I vomit due to other causes. This feels different.
- The weird starving stomach feeling decreases a bit, but I usually have to vomit a second time, about 10 minutes later.
- After vomiting a second time, I feel fine. The weird feeling goes away.

I don't have any known history of any disorders besides asthma and social anxiety (both controlled with medication).

Again, I appreciate any answers. I am really lost on what this could be.
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Since it is "the last few years" I don't worrythat this is something "serious". I wonder if it's anxiety / severe GERD, a food intolerance, or even low blood sugar. I'm glad you're getting "checked out" and best of luck to you!
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Thank you for your reply. I really don't think it's anxiety because I have never felt nervous in the situations when it has happened.

All of the times it has occurred have been doing active things such as walking around on a college tour, walking around a city, standing for several hours, etc.

Even though it happens every few months, I still think it can be something serious. It has interfered with my work and social life, and vomiting this often for no known reason isn't too healthy or fun.

I will look into your suggestions. Thank you for the kind wishes.
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