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Regarding erosive gastritis!

A week ago I was experiencing these symptoms:
1) Bloating
2) Belching
3) Nausea
4) Burning stomach.
I have CONSTIPATION PROBLEMS. But I drink a lot of water.
I consulted a gastroenterologist and he prescribed me Sompraz and Enza Forte with Solacid syrup.
He told me to do these tests:
1) Haemoglobin(which is perfectly normal)
2)LFT(normal too)
3)Serum Lipase ( 108, out of range!, Upto 60 is normal I guess!)
4)USG(Normal pancreas, and everything normal,but only spleen is marginally enlarged, 120)
5) Endoscopy(Erosive gastritis found without any ulcers and urease test is negative).

My doctor told me to stay on a blunt diet, and avoid Richy spicy foods. My doctor gave me no other medicines.

But since yesterday I am feeling heavy cramps( not pain to be specific) which is coming upto the chest ! Also my back is paining( around spinal cords I Guess, I have no idea where the pain is actually happening on my back).

What is this all about?
Can erosive gastritis cause death?
Can gas cause heart attack?Cause it is coming upto the chest!
Is it pancreatitis? What should I do?

No vomiting, stool colour is pale yellow,no blood.No intolerable pain, only cramps!urine is of regular colour.
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How have you been feeling since you posted?  

If you are having chest pains too- get back to the doctor, chest pains are nothing to mess with, ever.  
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