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SMVT & PVT with appendicitis

My husband, aged 27, had sever abdominal pain 8 weeks ago.  I took him to the ER where they found appendicitis and superior mesenteric venous thrombosis.  They put him on heparin, took out his appendix and kept him for a few days.  They released him on Coumadin.  10 days later we were back in the ER.  CT scan showed the clot got worse.  They put him on Lovenox.  All was well for 4 weeks when he had severe pain again in the upper abdomen and under right rib cage.  A CT scan showed new clots in his right and left portal veins.  I am told he should not have made new clots while on Lovenox.  He is negative for all genetic testing and every other test they ran.  He is otherwise  healthy.  They say his organs look fine right now and they put him on Arixtra.  After he was able to go without the IV pain killers, they sent us home.  This is where we are with no answers and a lot of pain.  The pain is subsiding but the hematologist says he will most likely be on the Arixtra for the rest of his life which sounds like such an assumption of problems that we dont even know exist. He is too young for this. Does anyone have any recommendations on a doctor that we should see or has anyone ever gone through something similar?
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