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Serious stomach pain and severe swelling/bloating

Not sure where to start.... For about a year now I have had episodes of eggy burping followed by about 12 hours of vomiting. These have stopped since taking dexilant 60mg. BUT since then I have terrible stomach pain! It's from the belly button up to my chest. My stomach bloats up and sticks out around 6 -7 inches(we measured ). I wake up fine and within 30 mins it's begins. I always feel like I have to burp but can't and the gas doesn't really come out the other end.hurts worse when standing and terrible pressure! Family doctor says I have IBS. But I don't have any problems down below the belly button. Sent me to a gastro doctor , had a scope with no findings although still waiting for the biopsy results, blood tests came back fine and ultrasound is fine. Gastro doctor put me on Dicetel but it gave me bad gas and diarrhea so I've stopped. I take align and still no improvement. I have done the elimination diet and it doesn't matter what I eat really. Right now only watermelon agrees with me. I'm absolutely lost. No one can find anything wrong with me but how is it possible to have pain DAILY and not have some kind of condition. Seems the doctors are giving up and are just telling me it's IBS because they simply don't know and don't want to put in the effort to investigate. Has anyone had this problem and actually found out why? I have no life because of this. I can't do anything! If I tolerate the pain and get outside to do something people think I'm pregnant because my tummy sticks out so much when the pain is there. I am so lost and feeling defeated. Is my life going to always be this way.
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