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Several stomach/bathroom issues

Going to give a little bit of a heads up, this may not be for the squeamish.

I am going to try to be as specific as I can regarding this issue. I have been having issues like this for several months now but in the past two weeks it has gotten beyond concerning.

Basically every bowel movement I make is all liquid or almost all liquid. There is almost always blood in the stool itself, with various amounts (sometimes a minor bit sometimes what I consider to be alarming/excessive). The blood from what I can tell is closer to the top of the stool.

I feel like not all of it is actually being released when I do go to the bathroom, as I will drop a heavy amount just to be right back again 20 minutes later. So far I have been going between 7-12 times a day. Often times it is sudden and with very little warning causing me to literally run to the bathroom. In one instance I wasn't able to fully make it there in time. Often times I will be awoken in the middle of the night and basically forced to go within 30 seconds of waking up.

My stomach always feels like its turning and has sharp pains and often feels "rumbly".

Some additional info on me.

I have cut out dairy from my diet and severely limit caffeine. I try to work out and stay as hydrated as possible. I am a 21 year old male.

Please, any advice or guidance will be much appreciated. I am afraid of doing anything outside the home now out of fear of not making it, and more so, I am concerned that there may be a greater issue here.

Thank you to all in advance
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Unfortunately I dont think there is much I, or anyone else can tell you that will help. You need tests done to rule out things like crohns, colitis, celiac, etc.
If the diarrhea has been the last 2 weeks, its possible that its a stomach bug or food poisoning, though the longest those usually run is 10 days.
Try eating a bland diet and see if that helps. Grilled Chicken, light fish (flounder, talapia), rice, and steamed veggies.
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