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Sharp Pain in lower right abdomen


Over the past 2 days I have waken up to a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen...I would say that it almost feels like a bee sting.  The pain subsides and then I am almost sore afterwards.  Generaly throughout the day it occurs and goes away as well.  

I had similar pains about a year ago and had a CT scan with and W/O contrast and they were both clean on diverticulitous and the appendix was clean as well.  They even mentioned that they did not see any hernias.  My primary sent me to a sports medicine place that then suggested I do PT.  I was examined by the Dr. there for hernia and nothing...I did the PT and pretty much laid off all excercise activities...

Do you have any idea what I could be up against.  Or more specifically do I need to go to a Gastro Doc or back to a different Sports medicine?  Specifically the pain is:  4 inches below the Belly Button and then about 4 inches to the right.  It is in the same place each time.

I am a male 35 5' 5" approx 155 lbs.  
I run approx 8 miles a week and play ice hockey 1 time a week.  (I have not been on the ice in about 2 months.)  This excercise routine has been regular for about 2 years.
I did go and ice skate the other day for the 1st time and if my memory is correct it was the next morning when I felt the pain again...Muscle strain/Tear a possibility?
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