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Should I worry about stomach cancer from acute gastritis that lasted 2-3 weeks?

Symptoms of severe burning gastritis lasted 2-3 weeks after eating salty processed food, and induced vomiting after felt sick.
Wasn't able to eat or drink to much the first week stomach was inflamed
I still get a light burning after I eat, but not as much as before. This is the 3rd week since having it
Doctor did endoscopy 17 days into it and said my stomach looked normal, but I still feel slight burning
My main concern is stomach cancer now as this was really bad inflammation for 2 weeks straight
Would this be considered acute gastritis? 2-3 weeks
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No.  The most important thing is to make sure that you don't have h pylori infection, which will lead to chronic gastritis (with a small percentage ended up in gastric cancer).
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No cancer takes years of chronic untreated gastritis. You can't get cancer in 2 weeks of gastritis. I have seen ppl doing well with a long history of chronic gastritis (probably a decade or more).
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