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Solid but light to yellow stool, stress

I was a 35 yr old very healthy male.  In Nov 2019 somehow i contracted ecoli and cdiff at the same time.  Was on antibiotics for 2 weeks including vancomycin.  Well i did develop anxiety from the whole ordeal as i have worked in the health care industry for years and am a firefighter now.  I developed severe anxiety because of the cdiff infection.  Well, the last time i was checked which was 2 months ago, i was negative for it.  Now, i seem to have 1-2 semi solid bms in the morning and maybe 1 solid bm in the evening.  My stomach used to rumble a lot but less now.  The color of the stool is lighter and more yellow than normal.  I have no other symptoms and all blood tests were clear of infection.  I never had any pain or discomfort.  Its the color that concerns me.  Any thoughts on this?  I am just getting my anxiety under control finally.
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Stool can change color for a variety of reasons. Possible causes of yellow stool include diet, stress, celiac disease, pancreatic disorders, liver disorders, gallbladder disorders, and rarely infections such as giardiasis. If your symptoms persist, see your doctor for further workup and testing.
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Thank you for your prompt response.  Im sure it is not giardesis.  Would i have any other symptoms if it were celiac, pancrease, liver, gallbladder??  Nothing showing in blood tests.  No high liver values, no elevated white blood cells, no pain,  no swellings on palpations from doctor.  Could it just be stress??  It is not bright yellow, just lighter than a normal brown stool.  I eat eggs, pretty healthy diet.  I have read it can take months to fully recover from gastroenteritis.  I do take xanax for anxiety.  Thank you for your input please
Yellow, greasy, foul-smelling stool might indicate malabsorption syndrome. Celiac disease is exacerbated when you eat foods containing gluten. Hepatobiliary disease may be accompanied by jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes).
Yeah none of those symptoms.  I was tested for hepatitus also.  Gluten does not aggrivate me.  Its a big mystery to me why it would be light colored with no other symptoms
did you find out what was causing this? I have had oily yellow stools for months but no pain anywhere. Urine fine. Celiac disease negative. Liver ultrasound fine but i dont know what organs they check with that scan. Thanks lee.
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