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Stomach gas/bloating

I am and have been for more than a year now been suffering with what can best be described at horrible stomach gas.  Burping and flatulence constantly. Stomach rumbling.  No other symptoms to speak of.  No loss of appetite. No real pain, just discomfort. Bowel movements are relatively normal. I have had colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan, mri, blood test, with no diagnosis.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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have you noticed whether or not certain foods cause more discomfort than others?

it could very well be diet related.  maybe your body is trying to tell you it's getting too much or too little of one thing, or you're combining foods that aren't sitting well with your body.

also make sure you chew slowly and try to get relaxed.
drink chamomile, fennel or peppermint tea after a meal and see if it helps.

hope it goes away soon.
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Thanks for the help, although the condition does not seem to be food related
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My grandma is going through the exact same thing with no answers.  It doesn't seem food related either as she can have something one day with no problems and the same thing another day with problems.  Sometimes water alone gets her stomach going crazy.  She's in for another CT scan on Monday.  The only thing she's had that you didn't list was a HIDA scan.  She's had two and the docs say her gallbladder is working fine.  Sorry I don't have any answers.  If we find out anything, I'll definitely come back here to post.

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since gas in us is made by swallowed air (which is mostly expelled by belching) and or food, you could perhaps start with trying to limit the amount of air you swallow.  
like not chewing gum, not eating or drinking rapidly, and quiting smoking if you smoke.

experiencing lots of flatulence for so long is most likely the result of food not breaking down properly though.  carbohydrate foods usually produce the most gases when being digested.
however if you don't think certain foods are aggravating you then perhaps it may be stress/emotions impairing the digestion process? medications?

or it could be that your intestinal flora are whacky, for it's the bacteria there that produce gas when feeding. you could check into a health food store and get some probiotics or pick up some yogurt with at least 5 live cultures.  if you get yogurt eat some twice daily for two weeks and see if that helps.

and here's a link to yoga poses ----- some of them are to relieve and reduce gas.

other than that I'm not sure of what might be causing it =(.  
I don't have much knowledge about the tests you underwent, but some other things besides food intolerances/allergies that could cause excessive gas are gallstones, peptic ulcers, colon cancer (which I'm assuming the colonscopy would have detected), diverticular, dyspepsia.

good luck.
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Check out the article, "Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome". I found it on Yahoo when I was researching my symptoms.
Hope it gives some insight. Your symptoms are among those described.

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I was also experiencing extreme pain in my stomach, horrible gastric, stomach tumble, etc. To express in details it was like heat from inside causing to dry mouth and heat on my tongue for long time. Extreme pain in the stomach area feeling like having a fire inside of me. I experienced whole my body become literally red. I couldn't really find any answer from west science to solve this disorder until I came to India and got introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient indian science which has very different perspective towards west.

Based on Ayurveda every person has a different constitution, Wind, fire and earth. If we like to have a healthy life style we have to keep the all 3 elements balanced in our body. When we have the 3 elements balanced we feel happy and joyful. This science is very simple but has a depth in understanding nature out and in.

I am Pitta person, meaning my fire is overtaking on the other two elements thats I was feeling so much heat and dry mouth. I should cool myself with cold nature food to keep the balance and harmony.
Zucchini, cabbage, white rice, Broccoli, Potato, Coriander (seeds and herb) , Cocao, Coffee, Okra, Banna, Apple, mango, Coconut, Pomegranate etc. are having cooling effect on the body and should be consumed by Pitta (Fire) people.

I should take very little or highly avoid following foods having fire element in summer time:
Tomato (oh I god i love them), dried fruits and nuts, garlic, onion, Spinach, Spirulina, or any food that has a lot of Iron in it. Highly avoid sour and salty food in summer.

The main basic is to recognise which food is good for Pitta person is  by its taste. Any food that is sweet, Astringent and bitter is good for cooling the pitta people.

If you like to figure out exactly which elements are dominant in your body, please take online test to determine yours:

If you like to change your perspective towards health and life in general I highly recommend you to read few books on this topic written by Vasant Lad and David Frawley. “Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing : a Practical Guide” is one of the most popular books.
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