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Stomach pain for over a week Help!

My problem started a week ago, I awoke with a pain in my lower right side of my stomach. Now previous to this I was in the hospital for 4 days for other things and they performed just about all the test one person can stand. CT without contrast on head, stomach, MRI of neck and several Xrays of spine and now stomach not to mention a heart cath. all of this because of a fall I took on the ice and hit a building with my head, side and the rest of me. WOW...…. So back to my recent stomach problem. I awoke with a pain in my lower right side. I became constipated with stools type 1 of the Bristol chart. The second day my stools when to type 2 on the third and fourth day then to type 6 on the fifth day then back to type 4 on the seventh day. Be to three docs that tell me it's not my appendixes. My blood count is a little bit off and my stomach X-ray appears normal. I was to told to take a laxative and Tylenol. Well my stools last night became a load of type 6 and not this morning I am back to type 4 and constipated. I am basically done with this doctors that only spend 5 minutes with you and say there is nothing wrong. This pain has been ongoing for a week now. Can anyone help?
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Did they give you any meds for the pain after the fall?  Any opiates (can cause constipation)?  Did you go to a gastroenterologist or just general doc for the stomach?  Obviously, you've seen a lot of docs and they should know a lot more than we do.  I can see how a fall might have injured something down there, but that probably wouldn't explain the constipation.  So since the docs haven't noticed anything, it might be something they gave you at the hospital.
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When you will visit the doctor, tell him every problem that you are facing related to stomach pain like constipation, etc.  Also, ask him to give some medicine to get rid of stomach pain.
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I do think constipation can cause this kind of pain and if severe enough can even cause a blockage in the intestines (of fecal matter).  Is it better yet?
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hello, i don't think so it is very serious matter, sometime abdominal pain may be caused by constipation, which puts pressure on the colon. so consult the doctor.
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These are the possible cause
Irritable bowel syndrome
Crohn's disease
Food poisoning
Food allergies
Kidney stones
consult the doctor near you.
Thank You
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You must visit a hospital for this.
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Toast is one of the best home treatments for stomach pain treatment. Eating charred toast is better for stomach pain because it absorbs toxins from the stomach and it is these toxins that make you feel stomach pain.
Unless the person is one of most humans who are eating wheat toast and have a problem with wheat.  It also doesn't absorb toxins, and if y0u're buying most breads today they contain additives that are toxins.  I think you're thinking of activated charcoal, which is a very different thing than overcooking toast.  Now, as a kid, my Mom gave my rye toast when I was sick.  I don't know why, it was probably cultural, and for kids, everything Mom does might not be healthy but it might be a really effective placebo.  Doesn't work for most adults, though.  Also, charred food also contains a bit of toxin as well.  If it works for you, don't stop doing it, it's not a big deal, but probably not an evidence-based solution for others.  Peace.
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