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Stool leaking orange red color

This is slightly embarrassing to ask and strange. A few weeks ago I noticed when I go to flush that my stool has orange/red leaking from it. By leaking I mean I can only describe it as stuff is coming out of the stool and sitting at the bottom of the toilet (surrounding the stool). Not like blood, I don’t believe- although I’m going to obviously test for that. It’s so weird it’s as though it’s residue of some kind. I haven’t felt 100 percent well but not sure if it’s related to this situation. I have had internal tremors (buzzing) the past few months - I know it’s very odd. Decided to cut alcohol, most caffeine, sugar (outside of some healthy carbs)- I am drinking bone broth too. I really think my body needs a detox. I haven’t really had any other symptoms although sometimes I have a pain in my upper right rib area. I am wondering if it’s my liver, pancreas or gallbladder. I’m really scared honestly. I took a photo earlier but brushed it off and deleted it. Thinking it will probably go away. I have not had red dye or anything red (beets). Anyone have any idea what this could be? Not many people seem to have gone through this although I did find some posts, there was never any answer to anyone even though they got tested too. I pray it’s nothing. I have a family to care for (three kids, two of which are 3 and 18 months). Guess I’m just looking for similar stories until I’m seen. Thank you.
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There is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all poop!  We all have questions at one time or another.  I had, I kid you not, very green stool last week.  You know what it was?  Lucky Charms cereal, a lot of it, which I never eat but was stress eating and got into some summer (spoiling and not doing our usual thing) cereal for my kids. The die in the marshmallows, I've learned, is well known for changing stool green.  

I would have gone to some kind of dye in your food for sure as the first thing to consider.  Something else is supplements. Do you take any? If you take one that contains beta-carotene and aluminum hydroxide, that can change stool color to orange red. There is another reason which is medical, which is lack of bile salts. Lack of bile salts happens usually either because a person has the underlying conditions of Chrohn's diesease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Obviously, the other concern is that it is actually blood from your GI tract.

So, is there any way you can see the doctor? I would not think anything serious at this point but still think you should make sure it's not. :>)
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