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Trampoline jumping for IBS, digestion problems, bloating etc!

I've read trampoline jumping helps some people with IBS, excess stomach gas and other digestive problems.

The reason this could help is because the rebound effect makes your intestines move up and down..
so you get an "excellent internal massage".

Be careful though, trampoline jumping might make your symptoms worse.
So start are slowly, don't do it too often or too hard in the beginning so you can see whether
your body likes it or not.

I think this possible healing technique was worth a mention in this forum.
Good luck.
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This seems like a light subject, so I jus gotta say that if I COULD get up on a trampoline, and then actually STAND upright on it, and then not break every bone in my body with a single bound, there have been times when I might have given that shot!  That's why you find mostly kids on trampolines.  Seems like I remember somebody saying they would jump up and down to get their digestion going, so same thinking, I guess.  But not for me.  In fact, let me do this:
Shall we swing from the trees
Or jump on a trampoline
Or just just fall off a downtown building?
Not me myself and I
I'm all wrecked up and not too fine
Think I'll stick to drugs and lotsa TV couch time.
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sorry to hear that!

ive got mine since a week and i THINK it already helped considerably with the constant bloating as well as the hypersensitive vagus nerve which caused me tachycardia and excessive pvc's.

i dont jump hard though i rebound gently(espcially right after eating) and allow the intestinal muscles to relax
so my digestive organs can get pushed up and down.

i do that 5mins 3x per day...
second hand trampolines of 1m are cheap as hell.

the way i "jump" most 60 year olds can do it EASILY,
if u have a hiatal hernia u needto consult the doc first as bouncing could be bad or u!!

those without hiatal hernia, bouncing is said to prevent future haal heria by strengthening
the muscles... but again, start out slowly!

good luck all,
with love..

no fate

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Dear No Fate,
Hmmmm. Maybe you use one of those little workout trampolines, then.  But I'll be 60 this year, and NO WAY can I get on one of even those!  And jumping on it...whoooops....I'd be on the floor in seconds because my legs would give way.  But just plain jumping up and down on the floor, I CAN do that, altho I'd have to be real careful not to do it too hard or the impact would fold me over.  In other words, I find stairs hard, so maybe you can see how come I kinda laughed at the whole situation.  I imagine a tore-up personage such as myself could kind of jiggle up and down.  

So, I vouch for you, because I read about another lady who did jump up and down, and supposedly it helped her.  Your vagus nerve adds another component to it, too, so could be the jumping helps with that.  Sorry I got so silly!  And thanks for sharing, there are lots of others that are not like me and will benefit from your experience!  Plus it's good exercise.  I do stretches, very short walks in the yard, ohhhh I'm out of shape.  But I'm okay, thanks.
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Crazy as it sounds, the trampolining has also helped me gain some much-needed weight. I've sorted my PVCs, etc., by correcting my poor posture with the help of a great chiropractor.

The doctors advised all sorts of drugs but the solution was about improving posture which helped the alignment of the vagus nerve and the trampolining (somehow) exercises the relevant internal organs/stomach

Don't knock it - it works !!
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It does work.....I'm a 70 yr old granny and 60 lbs overweight.  I bought one for
the grandkids but I only jump when they aren't around.  Makes me feel
so much better and I  only jump for about 3 or 4 minutes at a time. I keep
a step stool right there....have to admit it is easier getting upon it than getting
down.  Just have to go slow.
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Is there any proof or has any doctor said this could help?  I have a mini trampoline and if this actually would help after eating, I'm all for trying it for a few minutes after eating each day.
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