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Unexplained stomach distention, fatigue, frequent urination, ringworm

My boyfriend, who is now 36, has had unexplained bloating, fatigue, frequent urination, brainfog, etc, since he was at least 15, maybe before. Ringworm started about 5 years ago. He also has thrush on his tongue, gets injured easily (a couple knee surgeries) from mundane activities, warts on and off, frequent sniffling and throat clearing, frequent headaches, his skin turns orange if he eats carrots or sweet potatoes, especially the palms of his hands and bottom of feet.

The worst of his symptoms are the extreme stomach distention (like a pregnant woman and hard), and the fatigue and brain fog. He feels like he could sleep all day. He isn't gassy, so we can't figure out if the bloating is gas, fluid, or inflammation. Also the frequent urination has him up about 3 times a night. Liquids seem to go right through him. I'll watch him drink a glass of water and pee the whole thing out within an hour. Even when he doesn't drink 2 hours before bed, he'll still urinate several times at night.

He eats extremely healthy (has for many years). All whole foods, no grains, no processed or artificial sugars (only honey), no diary, or no processed foods. All organic. Meat is pasture-raised, grassfed/finished, free-range, fish is wild. Never goes to restaurants, only eats homemade food. Lots of veggies. A recent food allergy test showed he is very allergic to many, many foods. So he stays away from those but symptoms don't improve. We understand that he is so allergic to so many foods because his immune system in hyperactive for an unknown reason. He has never drank alcohol or done any drugs in his life.

He has been seeing a functional medicine doctor for a year now and her supplementation protocols haven't led to any changes.

His stool analysis showed bacteria and candida, his genetic testing showed trouble methylating, his hair analysis showed very high mercury, but with treatment his symptoms haven't changed at all. Neurotransmitters aren't terrible. Blood shows eosinophils are high, liver isn't great but not terrible. Prostate is slightly enlarged but not a cause for concern apparently. Thyroid is ok.

No one can seem to figure out what is causing all of this and how to treat it. Doctors have said that his bladder and urethra are all normal, that his body just produces urine quickly. But what is the explanation for that? Especially if it's linked to all of his other symptoms.

I hope someone can shed some light and maybe point us to someone who can help. Thanks so much for your time in reading all of this.
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I can't shed any light on it, but I can tell you that he is not alone. When I read this, I thought for a sec that maybe my girlfriend posted this on my behalf. I'm 35 with very similar symptoms. Don't have all of them, but i have the distention, fatigue, brain fog, etc.
I eat all organic, grain free, dairy free, etc just like him and really no help. I have Celiac, and its possible that I am one of those lucky 2% of Celiac patients that have refractory celiac, which is basically the disease doesnt get any better regardless of being on a gluten free diet. Problem is that there are only a handful of doctors who even know about it and they all cost an arm and a leg.
Anyway, hope it at least helps to know hes not alone. If I ever figure anything out ill let you know.
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Thank you very much for your reply. I'm sorry you are suffering, too. I will also update this if we find any answers. Best of luck!
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Not sure if you are near NYC, if you are and either have the right insurance or have the money to spare, take him to see Dr. Peter Green, Columbia Celiac Center
Yes we are. Thank you very much for this recommendation. Can I ask why you recommend him so highly?
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He is considered top of the line as far as refractory celiac and other ppl who cant seem to figure out whats wrong with them. I haven't seen him (doesnt take my insurance) but he has been recommended by numerous ppl
We actually just got the results of his ANA back and it was negative, implicating he does not have an autoimmune disease, which is amazing. Now we are pretty certain it's parasites. Even though they didn't show up in the stool analysis, we think they're buried. Have you considered this for yourself?
ive been tested for parasites and it came back clear. Also, I was on a super strong antibiotic/antiparasite medication last year just in case. So if i did have a parasite those meds would have killed it off
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